PlantTech's Founding Consortium

PlantTech's founders are a group of 10 organisations that share a vision for a collaborative R&D capability that will improve their global competitiveness, and the regional and national innovation systems they work in.  


We also gratefully acknowledge the support of the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment and particularly the Regional Research Institutes Fund. 

Their investment of $8.425m is critical to PlantTech's establishment and MBIE is a key partner for PlantTech's Founders in creating this new initiative.


“Waka Digital sees the benefits of working in collaborative environments. We see PlantTech as a pathway to build upon and share our R&D learnings from the last 10 years, as well as to learn and work with others within the region to grow our capacity and our company.”
— Aaron McAllion, CE and Founder Waka Digital