PlantTech Research Institute


PlantTech is a New Zealand-based research and development organisation specialising in addressing scientific challenges in New Zealand’s horticulture industry with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence [AI] technology solutions that produce competitive advantage.

A collaborative partnership founded by horticultural-aligned companies from the Bay of Plenty who have strengths in plant-based innovation, the organisation’s agile approach is based on the shared challenges of its members and the sector.

PlantTech’s expert staff build on emerging technology research and capabilities with translational research to achieve market and prototype testing so that science excellence can be rapidly realised in the market.

Environmental sustainability, labour shortages, productivity, climate change and biosecurity are some of those areas being addressed. Through AI, we will be able to automate more of the mundane labour tasks, better understand the network of complex interactions across the environment and manage the system to reduce both wastage and negative environmental impacts.

The Bay of Plenty, with its dominant horticultural industry delivering to global markets, naturally lends itself to being a test bed. The results of research and technology development here will transform plant-based value chains, and regional economic performance. Our nation’s strong #8 wire and export cultures will readily adapt this innovation to other crops and take it to global markets.

We’re excited to be starting this pioneering journey – join us.

I’ve travelled the world looking for a hort focused innovation centre and yet to find anything suitable, hence I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to help create one on my doorstep and use it a springboard to take on the world with NZ created innovation and technology.”
— Matt Flowerday, CE and Founder GPS-It