Seeking to accelerate innovation and find solutions to horticulture challenges through Artificial Intelligence technology.


Kiwis love a challenge.

Big or small, it’s a chance for us to demonstrate our can-do attitude and work together to create something ahead of its time.

Which is why, at PlantTech, we believe collaboration and integration between academic research and industry experience is the best way to learn and come up with a solution.

Based in the Bay of Plenty, we strive to leverage the region’s strengths in plant-based value chains, robotics and autonomous systems and AI research to ensure the horticulture industry remains ahead of the inevitable economic, environmental, biosecurity, climate change and crop health challenges that lie ahead.  

Focussing on research to enable digital automation of devices for growers, including robotics and digital sensing, we strive to become a global leader in supporting customised, precise and automated production systems that are accessible to all scales of business.

It’s bold and pioneering. But that’s the Kiwi way.

The vision of PlantTech is perfectly aligned to our innovation needs and pipeline – spanning research, technology and capability building. As Bluelab transitions from a pure hardware company to a hardware, software and data business, having access to world-class innovation output and capability building will accelerate our growth path on a global stage.”
— Greg Jarvis CEO, Bluelab
PlantTech will power up our collaboration with other horticulture focused businesses and science institutions. Through partnerships forged in PlantTech we will strengthen hi-tech exports whilst also giving New Zealand primary industry a hi-tech productivity boost.”
— Dr Alistair Scarfe, Founder and CTO of Robotics Plus Ltd