PlantTech is a new, industry-led research organisation based in the Western Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, aiming to transform plant-based value chains, and regional economic performance, through technology and innovation. 


PlantTech is currently in the establishment stage.  This is a temporary website providing information and contacts during this phase.   

If you are interested in being part of PlantTech's Board or staff, or just want to know a little more, please click on the buttons above. 


The vision of PlantTech is perfectly aligned to our innovation needs and pipeline – spanning research, technology and capability building. As Bluelab transitions from a pure hardware company to a hardware, software and data business, having access to world-class innovation output and capability building will accelerate our growth path on a global stage.”
— Greg Jarvis CEO, Bluelab
PlantTech will power up our collaboration with other horticulture focused businesses and science institutions. Through partnerships forged in PlantTech we will strengthen hi-tech exports whilst also giving New Zealand primary industry a hi-tech productivity boost.”
— Dr Alistair Scarfe, Founder and CTO of Robotics Plus Ltd